A way to the man’s heart lies through his stomach, – my conservative grandmother used to tell me when I was a kid. Being a diligent housewife she believed that a man must be replete in the first place. She spent hours in the kitchen and she was never discontent about cooking for our big family. I didn’t mind her words seriously then, it was just a pleasure for me to watch her skilful hands baking cookies or a pudding, cooking chicken broth or turkey, singing a song at the same time.

Many years have passed – I have my own family now and childhood seems so far far behind. But my grandmother’s lessons remain unforgotten and I think they turned out to be very useful, when I see my children eat heartily my food, cooked with love for them.

My husband and I are great travelers. We find it just amazing to go on travels, visiting countries we’ve only heard about or watched on TV. I gain much experience when I become acquainted with foreign cultures and traditions, observe their natives, which are often so different from us. Sometimes it seems so unusual how they look like and behave, or what they eat. Being gourmets my husband and I can’t but pay special attention to the cuisine of every country where we’ve been. Rare recipes, at times queer and exotic product combinations, exiting flavors and ingredients that can’t leave unmoved even the most exacting person – each national cuisine has its own unique coloring.

During a journey I tried all the time to make notes of recipes of various dishes. Once having returned from the vacation spent in India, I made an attempt to cook a course of Indian cuisine that I liked the most. I didn’t take success for granted, but everybody found it very tasty. My husband said: hey, Maria, you’ve got a thousand sheets of recipes of every sort and kind somewhere in your kitchen; isn’t it time to share them with others? I was inspired by this idea, because collecting recipes was my hobby. I delved into my cookbooks and notes searching for recipes of dishes I found especially savory but at the same time easy to cook. I tried to group them and as a result I got several piles: here are my grandmother’s recipes and pieces of advice, there is Chinese cuisine, this heap includes recipes I’ve known from my friends and so on. So I’m very glad to represent them and hope they’ll prove useful to you. You can explore the corresponding categories to find something to your liking.