Delicate chicken meat helps us to stay healthy


I’ve never been a great meat-lover and prefer to cook healthy courses: fresh salads, tasty soups and fatless garnishes. For a short period I’ve even tried vegetarian cooking for my whole family, but I could hardly deny myself chicken meat. It always seemed to be the tastiest one for me, though it’s not the only reason why I like chicken dishes. Dietitians say chicken meat is one of the most important constituents of healthy nutrition. It’s rich in protein, amino acids, calcipherol, aneurin, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc and has little saturated fat, what makes it easily assimilated.

There are many chicken recipes in my thick cookbook. Some of them are light and dietetic, the others – spicy and richer in calories. But nevertheless chicken meat yields only to fish meat in minimal cholesterol content. Once, after the birth of my second child I had problems with overweight, but I didn’t want to start one of those popular wearisome diets. My doctor recommended me to eat more cooked chicken and less high-calorie products like hamburgers, fried pork and doughnuts. He gave me a piece of good advice because soon I felt fit again. In this time I’ve gathered a thick pile of different chicken recipes and here I’d like to share with you my favorite ones.

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