Chinese moon spice-cakes with nuts

8:24 pm Pastry and desserts

These spice-cakes are cooked every year in autumn for Chinese Moon celebration. You can bake them any time you want to, but you should have special baking cups.

1 ½ cup treacle
½ tbsp baking soda
½ cup corn oil
1 ¼ pound flour
1 ½ tbsp alkaline water
some drops dark soy sauce

For filling:
4 ounces walnuts, sliced
3 ounces almonds
3 ounces melon seeds, sliced
2 ounces tangerine-peel
3 ounces sugared melon, diced
3 ounces sesame seeds
¾ cup sugar
2 tbsp brandy
¼ tbsp dark soy sauce
3 tbsp cold boiled water
¼ cup corn oil
2 ½ ounces rice flour

1. Combine soda, treacle, water and oil, whip with a spoon and leave for 4 hours.
2. Add soy sauce and flour, stir and make pastry. Leave for 6 hours.
3. Make balls weighing 2 ounces each.

4. Combine all filling ingredients except flour in a bowl. Then add flour and mix well. Make equal portions weighing 2 ½ ounces each to fill spice-cakes.
5. Put filling inside of cakes. Sprinkle with flour and place every cake into baking cup.
6. heat oven to 180 C and bake spice-cakes 8-10 minutes.

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