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10:18 pm Cookie

From little up I’m a greatest sweeties lover: chocolate, buns, pastry, fancy cakes and of course cookies. Many tastes of mine have changed, but passion for sweeties remains permanent. It’s strange but I’m astonished at people who don’t like cookies or at worst any sweet – did they forget as they were kids and could eat up a whole ton of candies? When I enjoy my favorite chocolate chip cookies I get carried away into my childhood: my little brother and I sit in the shelter of branches on an old tree behind our house; it’s getting dark and we tell some terrifying stories by the light of a candle and drink milk with cookies…

Chocolate chip cookies

In one encyclopedia I read that cookies appeared about 10 thousand years ago, at the same time as bread appeared. In other words, history of cookies is a culinary history of mankind. Certainly, they weren’t sweet from the very beginning and for a long time – sugar became a part of human ration much later. I myself used to think that cookies must be sweet, but in fact the taste of first cookies would seem objectionable for modern men.

Cookie was made from different sort of flour: Europeans used wheat flour, and people in the east – rice flour, what is quite clear. Later oatmeal and corn meal were used, just like other flour sorts.

Traveling and migrating, people shared with each other various cookie recipes for centuries. Today we have so many cookie kinds, that one man couldn’t try them for his whole life. They all differ in dough and filling components, icing, form and color. And here I’d like to publish my favorite cookie recipes, like girl scout cookies or christmas cookies (though christmas isn’t in the near future, you can practice a little to get a perfect dish by the time it comes).

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