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11:43 pm Home canning

Don’t be afraid to start home jam canning, because it’s not so hard as it seems on the face of it. There are two main methods to kill molds and bacteria in the jars and caps: boiling water method and steam-pressure method. Don’t use the first one to process low-acid foods – they require super-heating in a steam-pressure canner with a weighted gauge. Yes, it will be much better if you have a special canner. After you fill the jars with jam, adjust the lids (two-piece caps) and screw the band without using too much force. Your jars are ready now for canning.

Boiling water method

1. Fill canner half full with water and set the rack above water.
2. Heat the water to 80-90 C and put the jars on the rack. Lower them into the water, cover the canner with the lid.
3. Bring the water to a boil and keep it gently boiling during the canning process. Set timer for the definite number of minutes and process the product until the time is over.

4. Turn of the heat and remove the jars. Let them cool naturally 12 to 24 hours before checking for a seal.

Home canning

Steam-pressure method

1. Add 2 or 3 inches water into canner and heat it to a simmer (about 80 C).
2. Place the rack on the bottom and put the jars on it. Lock canner lid and open the petcock. Increase heat until you see steam flowing and process the jars for 10 minutes.
3. Close the petcock and go on processing for 5 minutes.
4. When the gauge indicates the recommended pounds of pressure, set the timer and maintain the correct pressure, varying the heat if needed.
5. Turn of the heat and let the canner cool. Don’t open the petcock until the gauge shows zero pressure, then open it and wait for couple of minutes.
6. Open the canner and wait again for 10 minutes. Take out the jars and allow them cool down as in the first method.

Now I can tell you how I usually check for a seal to get to know if there is an air inside. I press the lid center: if it doesn’t flex then there is a good vacuum seal formed.

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