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As I decided to call my web page Real Jam, i.e. something very delicious, I wasn’t so sure what kind of recipes I was going to publish – I had an unstructured plenty of them. But suddenly another aspect of this name was revealed to me and I asked myself: why not to write an article about jams, which I love so much?

You can see in any dictionary that jam is fruits (rarely vegetables), heated with water or sugar, or syrup. A good jam contains unsodden fruits and pieces of the fruit’s flesh; the syrup is easily separated from them. This high-calorific product can be stored for a long time, but it lacks ascorbic acid and some other vitamins, that get destroyed during a long cooking.


People of Western Europe had no idea of any fruit preserves before easterly expansion and crusades, because they weren’t acquainted with sugar. Only in 16th century, when a bulk of cheap American sugar was delivered to Europe, fruit confectionery cooking has started. So, jam appeared in the English-speaking countries, confiture – in France, and in Germany the same product was called marmalade.

If I feel like cooking a jam I go to the shop and choose berries and fruits of best quality. Unripe fruits are not savory and tasty enough, your jam won’t be aromatic in case you use them; on the other hand overripe fruits are boiled soft. The berries for a fruit preserve must be equal in size and ripeness degree.

By jam making it will be better if you avoid fruit corrugation and deformation. This can be achieved when sugar syrup saturates them evenly, and cellular fluid becomes syrup with the same speed. If the fruits are saturated unevenly, they will emerge. The same thing happens when the jam is cooked over a strong heat: the juice inside of the fruits’ flesh begins to boil and makes it difficult for the syrup to get in.

There are some cookery tricks to avoid deformation or boiled soft berries, but I’m going to speak about it next time.

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