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1:13 pm Jam recipes

Today I want to share with you some jam recipes without sugar. I believe they are wrongly forgotten, because many healthy and tasty jams can be cooked without sugar. It’s of a special importance for people suffering from adiposity and pancreatic diabetes.

There are many ways of cooking jam without sugar. You should try some to choose some at your taste. For example you can take currant and put it closely together in a jar, then place the jar in a canner with water standing on the oven. The berries must stew in their own juice. While they sink, add more berries. When the jar is full, place the lid and cook for an hour, then seal. This recipe suits for any berries and fruits except bananas and mango.

I also made jam without sugar using microwave oven. I put them a glass bowl without covering with a lid and place in the oven on high power (100%). When fruits are tender, I stew and keep on cooking until water evaporates, jam becomes thick and darker. After that I take it out and put in a jar. This jam doesn’t need sealing; I store it in the fridge for a week or two. I didn’t try to store more, cause my folk eat the jam quickly.

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  1. Greg :

    Date: January 24, 2009 @ 4:06 am

    I will try your way of doing the jams maria, it sounds like the way to go with a no sugar jams, we have plenty of fresh fruit that we grow in the back yard, so my wife & i can make your jams.

    Thanks for the info

    cheers GREG

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