Raspberry Soda


To make raspberry soda you will need:

  • 1 package (10 ounces) frozen red raspberries
  • Carbonated water
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 1 pint vanilla ice cream
  • 1 cup sugar

Thaw the berries and put in a saucepan with the sugar. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, until sugar dissolves. Put berries through a strainer to remove the seeds; chill the syrup. Divide the syrup among 6 tall glasses; add 2 tablespoons milk to each glass and a small scoop of ice cream. Fill glass with carbonated water. Makes 6 servings.

Lemon Chiffon Pie


Lemon PieCombine 1 1/2 cups gingersnap crumbs and 1/2 cup melted butter or margarine in a bowl; blend well. Save a few crumbs to top pie and press remainder into a 9-inch pie pan; chill.

Prepare contents of 1 package (about 3 ounces) lemon chiffon pie filling with water and sugar as directed on package. Turn filling into chilled crust. Make a stand-up border of halved gingersnaps.

Chill pie as directed on package. Top with sweetened whipped cream and sprinkle pie with reserved crumbs before serving.

British turkey

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This is a classic turkey recipe that perfectly suits not only the Thanksgiving dinner, but can be also cooked for Christmas. The garnish for this recipe could be orange halves (flesh removed) filled with fried mushrooms and parsley.

5,5 kilo turkey
1 onion, sliced
1 tbsp juniper berries

for the sauce:
6 thin bacon steaks
1 small onion, finely diced
2 ½ oz mushrooms, sliced
2 ½ oz chestnuts, shelled and sliced
3 clove garlic, sliced
2/3 cup breadcrumbs
1 egg
2 tbsp orange juice
2 tbsp orange peel, grated
1 tbsp juniper berries
2 sprigs celery

1. Preheat oven to 190 C/350 F. Sauté bacon, onion, celery and garlic for 5 minutes, add mushrooms and simmer 2 minutes. Remove from fire, put the rest sauce ingredients and stir.
2. Stuff turkey. (Lay the excessive filling around turkey for the last 20 minutes of cooking). Put juniper berries and onion inside and bake turkey.
3. Remove from oven and cover with foil.

Turkey with orange and cranberries

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The Thanksgiving Day is not far off, that’s why I’d like to share with you a couple of other delicious turkey recipes.

5,4 kilo turkey with unsides
¾ cup soft butter
1 onion, sliced
1 orange, cut in two
6 twigs thyme

for the sauce:
½ pound fresh or frozen cranberry
6 bacon steaks, grilled and cut into small pieces
3 oranges, segments taken apart and peel grated
2 tbsp honey

1. Preheat oven to 190 C/350 F. Save insides for the sauce. Put turkey in a deep pan, butter it and spice with salt and pepper to taste. Put onion, orange and half thyme inside. Cook 1 hour until turkey gets a brown crust, cover with foil and cook for 3 hours more, seasoning with turkey juice every 30 minutes.
2. Combine all sauce ingredients with thyme. Take out turkey and cover with sauce. Cover turkey with foil and bake 10 minutes, then remove foil and cook for 10 minutes more.

Chicken fillet with peas

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Another chicken recipe, very easy to cook.

7 oz chicken fillet
1 oz green peas
1 oz lard
1 egg white
1 tbsp starch
1 tbsp cold water
2 tsp sake
1 tbsp soy sauce
a bunch spring onion

1. Combine starch, water and egg white. Slice chicken fillet in thin long parts, soak into egg and starch mixture and fry in fat until chicken gets a pale crust.
2. Preheat a pan, put lard, peas and spring onion cut in segments 1 inch long. Add sake and soy sauce and fry 2 minutes over a strong heat, shaking pan continuously.
3. Add chicken fillet and cook 2-3 minutes.

Chicken broth with oysters and cucumbers

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Chinese cuisine has a great variety of soup recipes, but soups based on concentrated chicken broth are the most common. If you have no experience in cooking it, check Chicken broth page.

1 portion recipe
6 oysters
1 egg, whisked
1 oz fresh cucumber, sliced
1 tsp soy sauce
2 tsp sake
1 tsp fresh ginger
1 tsp sesame oil
pinch salt

1. Combine chicken broth with sake, ginger and salt (if you didn’t put salt before). Add oysters and bring to a boil. Remove scum. Add sesame oil and egg.
2. Put cucumber in a plate and pour in broth.

Coconut pancakes

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This delicious pancakes with coconut stuffing can be served with yogurt, sour cream or jam.

1 cup flour
1 egg
¼ cup milk
3 tbsp sugar
4 cup fresh coconut, grated
½ inch ginger root, grated
yogurt, salt, aniseeds to taste

1. Beat up egg with 2 tbsp milk, combine with flour and salt and make thick pastry. Leave in a cold place for 30 minutes.
2. Add the rest of milk to get pastry looking like nonfat cream. If it’s too thick, add some milk. Preheat a small pan and fry over medium or strong heat.
3. Combine coconut, aniseeds, sugar and ginger. Put 1 full tsp coconut stuffing on each pancake and fold in four. Cover and let it cool about 30 minutes.
4. Decorate with the rest of grated coconut and serve with yogurt.

Chutney with cilantro and tomatoes

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6-7 small tomatoes
2 bunch fresh cilantro
6 green chili peppers

Combine all ingredients and blend.

Kesar kheer (Rice pudding with pistachios and saffron)

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Don’t be affraid of this sophisticated dish name. Kesar kheer means sweet rice pudding with various second helpings and it’s a quite easy recipe.

½ cup rice
4 cup milk
8 tbsp sugar
1 tsp saffron
1 cup pistachios, shells removed
½ cardamom

1. Soak pistachios in water for 3 hours. Wash rice, combine with 2 cups milk and mix. Cook 20-25 minutes until soft.
2. Add saffron, cardamom, sugar and the rest of milk. Cook 10 minutes more until thicken. If pudding seems to be too thick, add some milk or water.
3. Decorate with pistachios and serve hot or cold.

Pineapple jam

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If you like making jams you can try this exotic recipe, which doesn’t really take much time to cook.

1 pineapple (2 kilo), peeled, cored and diced
2/3 cup fresh lemon juice
1, 3 kilo sugar
1, 25 liter water

1. Combine pineapple, water and lemon juice in a big pan, bring to a boil. Coddle about an hour until pineapple is soft.
2. Add sugar and stir until it dissolves. Bring to a boil without cover and simmer 30 minutes until jam gets thick.
3. Pour hot jam in warm sterilized jars and seal.

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